School hours and holidays

School hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday       08.30h – 14.45h
Wednesday                                             08.30h – 12.30h
Break for groups 6 – 8                             10.15h – 10.30h and 12.00h – 12.30h
Break for groups 3 – 5.                            10.30h – 10.45h and 12.30h – 13.00h
From 08.15h there is surveillance in the playground. So do not send your children to school too early, please, and make sure that they enter the playground straightaway. The schooldoor opens at 08.20h and there is a walk-in. The children can go to their classroom independently and as a parent you are very welcome to walk with them. At 08.30h the bell rings and the lessons start.
Continuous timetable
At our school we work by a continuous timetable, which means that all the children stay at school during lunch break. Lunch takes place in their own classroom with the regular teacher. After lunch the children play outside under supervision of a teacher and assisting parents.
You can find the holiday schedule in the school app. There you also find the planned teacher study days and other free days. The participation council has approved of the holiday planning.
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