Our school

Primary school “De Kameleon” is a school with a wide variety of children and talents. Every child is welcome at our school, we have a great many different nationalities and cultures: rich surroundings to learn from and with each other.
Our school is part of a Spilcentrum, where children from 0 to 12 learn in a playful way. Within the Spilcentrum we cooperate with “Korein Kinderplein” (day care and kindergarten) and “Animatiehuis” (childcare after school hours). To ensure a good, ongoing line all parties involved work together intensively.
Our school has about 260 pupils, divided into 13 groups. The average group has about 20 pupils, which enables us to attune to every child’s needs with a fitting offer. Both for pupils that need some more challenge and the children that need some more support.
Learning from and with each other is very important in our opinion. That is why we stimulate the pupils to work together by means of cooperative working forms.
These working forms are started in the morning in the subjects arithmetic, language, spelling and reading (comprehension); in the afternoon working in corners invites to discovering and learning together.
In addition to this cooperation we value other 21st  century skills dearly.
In groups 4 and 5 this working in groups is visible in detailed corners in the classroom and the corridor.
In groups 5-8 cornerwork is more integrated in the daily programme in which the children work indepently or in groups. Especially in the afternoon the pupils work with themes to learn in an investigating, discovering way; they also learn to use various 21st century skills.
So many children, so many talents and we are strongly  challenged to make these talents heard and seen. We recognize these talents and improve our capacity to develop them by deploying a subject teacher for science and technology, a subject teacher PE and out-of-school music teachers.
With creative afternoons and open stages we link up with the various talents of our children and all the teachers.
In short: we are a school where everybody is seen and where talents are given ample opportunity to develop.
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