At our school we pay attention to (out-of-school) activities every year. These activities are prepared and organized by a working group. These working groups are composed at the beginning of a school-year. Both teachers and parents from the parents’ council are members of the working groups.
The activities organized are:
Sports and games day
Carnival celebration
St. Nicholas celebration
International Children’s Party
Christmas celebration
Easter celebration
Children’s Books Week 
Besides this all groups go on an excursion and there is a cultural offer.
For the groups 1-4 the excursions are near the school e.g. a visit to Genneper Farm, the children’s farm, a restaurant or an autumn walk.
The higher groups go a bit farther away, sometimes on their bikes, sometimes by car, e.g. a visit to a museum or a sniff internship in a business or company.
Cultural Education
For all groups there is an offer of culture on which we put a high value. During their school career all children must come into contact with the following aspects: dance, drama, music, visual arts, literature, national heritage, design and visual culture. In this field we cooperate with Cultuurstation (Culture Station); with their expertise and offer we have developed an ongoing line.
After School Activities
Dance and music
For the children of groups 1 and 2 Miss Loes organizes a dance and music activity on Tuesday and Wednesday right after school. This activity is divided in periods of 8 weeks. Parents can register their child per period.
Our subject teacher PE takes care of a sports activity once a week. In a period of 6 weeks the children get acquainted with 3 sports which they play actively during 2 weeks.
We offer the children of groups 1-4 vocabulary lessons. Children that can benefit from extra support in learning the Dutch language, can be registered by the regular teacher. On two days a week there are various volunteers who offer the  Dutch language to groups of 3 children in a playful way. They link up with the themes of the school.
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